World Trade Organization Impacts on U.S. Farm Policy

World Trade Center, Two Canal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

June 1-3, 2005

Conference Agenda

Wednesday, June 1


5:00-6:00 p.m.            Welcome Reception, Plimsoll Club

                                    Moderator: Lynn Kennedy, Louisiana State University

Speaker: Bob Young, Chief Economist

                                                American Farm Bureau Federation


Thursday, June 2


8:30-10:00 a.m.          The Doha Development Agenda and Work Program Progress

                                    Moderator: Eric Wailes, University of Arkansas

Debra Henke, Director, Multilateral Trade Negotiations Division

                                                     Foreign Agricultural Service, USDA



                                                Tim Josling, Professor Emeritus

                                                     Food Research Institute, Stanford University


10:30-Noon                Selected Papers - Concurrent Sessions


Session 1—WTO and Trade Effects on Commodities: Cotton, Sugar, and Rice

Moderator: Lynn Kennedy, Louisiana State University


The WTO’s Cotton Subsidies Decision: The Agreement on Agriculture Takes a Bite Out of U.S. Agricultural Policy

                                    Stephen Powell and Andy Schmitz, University of Florida

                                    Paper  Presentation


The Impact of U.S. Cotton Policy in the Presence of Chinese Cotton Subsidies

Andy Schmitz and Stephen Powell, University of Florida


                                    Doha Implications on the U.S. Sugar Industry

Won Koo, North Dakota State University

                                    Paper  Presentation

                                    The Impacts of WTO Policy on U.S. Rice Policy

                                    Eric Wailes and Alvaro Durand-Morat, University of Arkansas

                                    Paper  Presentation


Session 2—Trade Impacts, Market Fundamentals, and Trade Policy

                                    Moderator: Jeanne Lindsey, Auburn University


China’s Accession into the WTO and Its Impacts on the U.S. Pork Industry

Osei Yeboah, Victor Boadu, and Henry Thompson, North Carolina A&T and Auburn Univeristy

                                    Paper  Presentation


Tariff and Non-Tariff Measures Affecting Market Access for Fresh and Processed Fruits and Vegetables

                                    John Wainio and Barry Krissoff, Economic Research Service, USDA

                                    Paper  Presentation

                                    MFA Removal and Impacts on US/China Cotton Trade

                                    Yan Xia and Parr Rosson, Texas A&M University

                                    Paper   Presentation

                                    Impacts of Trade Agreements on U.S. Dairy Trade

                                    Cary W. “Bill” Herndon, Mississippi State University

                                    Paper  Presentation


12:00-1:15 p.m.          Luncheon at the Plimsoll Club

                                         Speaker: Walt Armbruster, President

                                                Farm Foundation

1:30-3:00 p.m.            International Views on WTO Domestic Policy Obligations: Issues and Prospects for the Future of Farm Programs

                                    Moderator: Parr Rosson, Texas A&M University

                                         Consular Representatives:

Ron Krystynak, Agriculture Counsellor

                                                     Embassy of Canada



Tassos Haniotis, Agricultural Trade Policy Analysis

                                                     European Commission



Fran Freeman, Minister Counsellor

                                                     Embassy of Australia

Evandro Didonet, Minister Counselor

                                                     Embassy of Brazil


3:30-5:00 pm              Selected Papers - Concurrent Sessions


Session 3—Domestic Policy, Trade Policy and Trade Agreement Effects
Moderator: Darren Hudson, Mississippi State University


Can Traditional Approaches to Agricultural Policy Meet Domestic and International Policy Goals

Ed Young, Paul Westcott, and Anne Effland, Economic Research Service, USDA

                                    Paper  Presentation


Comparing Market Access Formulas for the US and EU: What Hurts and Who Benefits?

                                    Christine Wieck and Tom Wahl, Washington State University

                                    Paper  Presentation

                                    Economic Impacts of Trade Agreements

                                    Parr Rosson, Sarah McMahon, and Flynn Adcock, Texas A&M University

                                    Paper   Presentation

                                    Session 4—Trade Impacts, Trade Agreements, and Animal Diseases

                                    Moderator: Jaime Malaga, Texas Tech University

                                    Trade Policies and Animal Disease Outbreaks

                                    Tom Marsh and Tom Wahl, Washington State University

                                    Paper  Presentation

                                    Effects of Catfish, Crawfish, and Shrimp Imports on Domestic Prices

                                    Yeong-Jae Lee and Lynn Kennedy, Louisiana State University

                                    Paper  Presentation


Welfare Impacts of Alternative Public Policies for Environmental Protection in Agriculture in an Open Economy: A General Equilibrium Framework

                                    Farzad Taheripour and Madhu Khanaa, University of Illinois

                                    Paper  Presentation

                                    Session 5—Policy Impacts on Competitiveness

                                    Moderator: Osei Yeboah, North Carolina A&T University


An Analysis of the Structural and Ownership Changes in the World Maritime Fleet

Albert Allen, Joselito Estrada, and Saleem Shaik, Mississippi State University

                                    Paper  Presentation

                                    The Government’s Role in Stabilizing Beef Supply When BSE Strikes

                                    Zishun Zhao, Tom Wahl, and Tom Marsh, Washington State University

                                    Paper  Presentation

                                    Possible WTO Impacts on US Representative Farms

                                    Joe Outlaw, James Richardson, and David Anderson, Texas A&M University


                                    Immigration Policy and the Agricultural Labor Market

                                    Nobi Iwai, University of Florida

                                    Paper  Presentation  


Friday, June 3 


8:30-10:30 a.m.          U.S. Views on WTO Domestic Policy Obligations

                                    Moderator: Darren Hudson, Mississippi State University

                                         Industry Representatives:

Dale McNiel, Trade Advisor and Attorney

                                                     American Sugar Alliance



Bob Cummings, Vice President, International Policy

                                                     USA Rice Federation



Rick Tolman, Chief Executive Officer

                                                     National Corn Growers Association

Gary Adams, Vice President, Economic and Policy Analysis

                                                     National Cotton Council


11:00-Noon                Legislative Issues Affecting WTO Obligations and U.S. Farm Policy

                                    Moderator: Parr Rosson, Texas A&M University

                                         Congressional Staff Views:

Chip Conley, Economist, Democratic Staff

                                                     U.S. House Agriculture Committee



Hayden Milberg, Senior Professional Staff

                                                     U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee


Noon                           Summary and Adjourn


Conference Organizing Committee:

S-1016 Regional Research Committee on

The Impacts of Trade Agreements and Domestic Policy on Southern Agriculture


Conference Co-Sponsors:

Center for North American Studies, Texas A&M University,

Louisiana State University, and Texas Tech University

Center for Agricultural Policy and Trade Studies, North Dakota State University

National Center for Peanut Competitiveness, University of Georgia

Farm Foundation, Oak Brook, Illinois